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Response type ‘token’ is not enabled for the application

Response type ‘token’ is not enabled for the application

Recently I faced problem when I was trying to build client-side app with CRM and Azure.

I was able to login to my APP and adal.js successfully acquired a token for my webApi and injected it into a request.

Then token acquisition for webApi stopped working with error:

“response_type ‘token’ is not enabled for the application”

Here is the steps that resolved my problem.

Note: If we’re building client-side app, so we need to enable Implicit flow from the application manifest.


1. Select the Configure tab of your application’s entry in the Azure Management Portal.

2. Using the Manage Manifest button in the drawer, download the manifest file for the application and save it to your computer.


3. Open the manifest file with a text editor. Search for the oauth2AllowImplicitFlow property. By default it is set to false; change it to true and save the file.


4.Using the Manage Manifest button, upload the updated manifest file.


Logout and Login with again with you app and it’ll work like a charm.

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Hope it’ll help someone.

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